An effort to make Pot Holder Loops – maybe a tutorial

I like potholders with loops because they can become kitchen decoration as well as a useful kitchen tool.  Because I’m a major worrier, I don’t like those little plastic circles that you can stitch onto the potholder.  The stitching could come loose and the potholder could fall onto a hot surface!  So I’ve been thinking hard about how to stitch a loop using the binding itself.  Here is my first effort.

[Later]  I took a lot of photos, and captioned all of them with instructions.  1. The captions disappeared.  2. I don’t like my technique for making potholder loops.  And 3. I don’t have the energy or interest to recreate all of those captions.  So I’m going to add a few of the photos, and most of you will be able to figure out the general idea.  I’m already on my third effort to create an elegant pot holder loop, so I will try this tutorial again in the future.  But for now:






Calling it done.  🙂