Quilting lines pattern – raindrop-ish

zen umbrella - triangle squiggles
zen umbrella - wavy lines
Quilting lines pattern - Wavy, squiggly boxes, or raindrop-ish

What pattern of quilting lines would enhance this quilt? This option is meant to suggest raindrops. I hope an actual machine quilting professional would provide a better interpretation than I’ve drawn here. How do I weigh the idea of the quilting following the theme of the quilt vs. the quilting enhancing the overall visual design of the quilt? Do other quilters find the theme to sometimes be in conflict with design? I’m afraid I’m not making a clear point.

Trying again. I think it would be ‘safer’ to pick a simple design like the wavy lines. But it would be more of a design challenge to try a raindrop theme that may turn out to overwhelm the quilt. How many risks do you take with something where you’ve already invested hours of work?