Sewing Room redux

I might like being in my sewing room even more than I like sewing.   Sometimes I just sit in there, particularly after I’ve tidied up, and I gloat.   It’s tiny, but it is all mine.   Each new piece of equipment,  each rearrangement to facilitate a better sewing experience, and I’m so darn proud of myself!

This is my latest project.   I’m making an ironing table!  I’m mostly following Elizabeth Hartman’s tutorial, and it’s going to be great.  I’m going to attach those non-skid things that go under rugs to the bottom of my board so that I can lift it off and still use the table top for cutting if I want to.  it will keep me from hogging the dining table when I have something big to cut.

I’ve got a complete sewing experience nicely wedged into a 9 x 10 room.  With the plan to move my ironing surface into this corner, I’ve got a dedicated design wall behind me, and I don’t have to put my ironing board in front of it.  One thing I’ve already learned is that the ironing table must be pulled away from the wall so that big pieces of fabric can drape down the back.  I’ll probably also move the items away from the left side so that fabric can fall on that side as well.  I’ll have to move my daughters drawings.  😦


Here’s my favorite part of the room.  🙂

Notice to my children, I love you all dearly but I am not giving up or moving my sewing room again – no matter what.  It took me a long time to get this room, and I’m keeping it.  🙂  (Is that too mean?)



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